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Nhận yêu thương để trao yêu thương
“Bình thường mới” đã đến với chúng ta, nhưng còn những người ở tuyến đầu, ngày về nhà chắc vẫn xa lắm. Thao thức trước sự hy sinh của các nhân viên y tế vẫn đang miệt mài làm việc để bảo vệ cộng đồng, Mái ấm Mai Tâm đã khởi phát một hoạt động […]
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Journey at a well-known charity clinic in Saigon
“I heard people who have come here say that their condition has become much better after taking medicine prescribed by doctors at the clinic, so I came to try. The first time I came here, I found the doctor so enthusiastic, the procedure was quick and I didn’t have to wait, which made me very […]
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Naza Home - Healing & bringing peace to the remaining days
“That was one of the patients I had the opportunity to help bring a good life to, as long as they still live” – Vicar Dinh Tran Thanh Tu shared about a skin cancer patient who seemed as if he was going to pass away when received by Naza Home. However, so far he has […]
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Fetching water in rainy seasons less difficult thanks to new convinient water basket
Fetching water is already a difficult task for people in remote areas of the Central Highlands in the dry season, it is even tougher during the rainy season because of flash floods and landslides risk. With the old tools, the amount of water collected in each fetching can only be up to 5-6 liters. Thus, […]
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