ASIF Australia is an independent, registered charity organization in Australia including Australasia Social Impact Foundation Australia LTD and The Trustee for Australasia Social Impact Foundation Trust. These entities are recognized as DGR (Deductible Gift Recipients) – able to receive tax-exemption donations from individuals, businesses, and other organizations; and as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) – able to organize and coordinate projects, humanitarian and charitable activities within and outside Australia according to applicable laws.


Mr. Cao Tien Vi – Founder and Chairman of ASIF Australia, also as a Founder and former CEO of Saigon Paper Joint Stock Company. In the process of doing business, Mr. Vi always focuses on charity activities and social responsibility from a corporate perspective and as an individual. In addition to activities to support many homes, open houses, charity clinics for orphans, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled, he always pays attention to investing in young people and people to contribute to the sustainable development of society. He has held leadership positions of the Young Entrepreneurs Associations of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam with thousands of members for many years, and for more than 10 years as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for Community Service Initiatives – CSIP (non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations investing in the development of social enterprises in Vietnam and the region).

With concerns about the need for social humanitarian activities, Mr. Vi has realized that the majority of organizations, humanitarian and non-profit activities in Vietnam have not been properly invested nor have the resources to thrive as a profitable enterprise.

In 2018, Mr. Vi and the team of young Vietnamese people are all excellent managers and leaders in many different fields in Australia such as Vo Thuy Anh, Tran Dang Minh Tri, Doan Dinh Manh Toan, Nguyen Nhue Ha – decided to establish ASIF Australia, with the desire to contribute to creating an ecosystem for professional social humanitarian activities, in infrastructure, in governance, expertise, and human; with the ultimate goal is to alleviate suffering and bring a brighter future for those in need.


Towards a professional and sustainable philanthropic ecosystem in Vietnam – Where social resources are effectively operated and collaborated to create more opportunities for disadvantaged people to live decent lives and to strive for their full potential.


ASIF impacts on creating ecosystems of humanitarian activities and development by:

  • Alleviating the instant sufferings through funding, supporting initiatives, and improvement in accessing health care and education; in vocational services to expand job opportunities and income-generating for the vulnerable; in capacity building for non-profit welfare organizations.
  • Developing an effective and professional charity-social ecosystem by enhancing the governance, professional and social marketing capabilities of community organizations.
  • Connecting and building international and local. partnerships and cooperation amongst community organizations, government agencies, businesses, and individual donors to mobilize all social resources for humanitarian and development activities.


  • Dignity: ASIF Australia believes in the value and dignity of every human being.
  • Cooperation: ASIF Australia encourages sharing, connecting cooperation, and mutual learning of interdisciplinary, inter-organizations, and inter-countries to develop together.
  • Professionalism: ASIF Australia aims to be professional in executive management and professional in each field, and expects professionalism from participants as well as partners.
  • Results: ASIF Australia monitors charitable activities based on the results, speed, and efficiency with scientific and specific evidence.
  • Transparency: ASIF Australia values the transparency of information in its operations and finances.
  • Sustainability: ASIF Australia brings the highest human value to beneficiaries and has a positive and sustainable impact on local development.


With the aim of contributing to creating a sustainable social-charity ecosystem, ASIF accompanies and supports social organizations to help disadvantaged people in society. ASIF projects have an impact on vulnerable groups and their families, in particular:

  1. Direct beneficiaries: 
  • Children and teenagers at risk, in difficulties.
  • People with disabilities.
  • People with a critical illness.
  • The lonely elderlies. 


  1. Indirect beneficiaries:
  • Relatives, families, caregivers of the beneficiary group. 
  • Organizations that are directly supporting these beneficiaries.
  • Professional support individuals and organizations with beneficiary groups or these organizations. 
  • Volunteers, professional volunteers working to support these beneficiaries.


The Council is run by people who have many years of professional experience in large corporations in international markets.



  • Founder and former Chairman & CEO of SAIGON PAPER CORPORATION (Vietnam’s leading paper manufacturer).
  • Vice President of Center for Social Initiatives – CSIP (non-governmental and non-profit organization investing and developing social enterprises in Vietnam and the region).
  • Second Labor Medal awarded by the President of Vietnam (2017).
  • The merit of the Prime Minister of Vietnam.




  • Former Creative Director of Ramsay Health Care Hospital Group
  • Co-founder and director of the artificial intelligence company
  • Former Honorary Lecturer in Health Management for the Graduate School Program (Sydney Medical University and Hanoi Medical University).
  • Honorary Associate at Sydney Medical School
  • Executive Education Program (Executive Education) – Harvard University, USA.
  • Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA) – University of New South Wales, Australia.



  • Manager at Berry Actuarial Planning – a finance company with independent license owning a total consulting asset of over 600 million dollars.
  • The Australian Government Endeavor Leadership Award in 2006.
  • More than 10 years working in the financial sector in Australia, and before that, he had experience in brand consulting and independent audits in multinational corporations.
  • Direct financial advice and fund management for individuals, families, and organizations.
  • Many other professional qualifications for asset management.
  • Master of Applied Risk Management, Macquarie University, Australia.
  • Master of Commerce, University of Queensland.
  • Bachelor of Commerce with Honors, RMIT University.



  • 10 years of experience in the role of CFO of PepsiCo International and Australia & New Zealand, Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan).
  • Seven years as Deputy General Director and a member of the Board of Directors (2009 – 2012 & 2015 – now) of Nova Group – one of the leading corporations in Vietnam in the fields of finance, securities, real estate, and agriculture with billions of US dollars capital.
  • Many years of senior leadership in multinational corporations in the International and Vietnam markets, in finance and strategic planning.
  • Top graduating with a Master of Science in International Accounting, Swinburne University, Australia in 2004.
  • Certified CPA Australia since 2006.



  • Appointed as one of the ten members of the Victoria Public Practice Committee, a committee of the CPA Australia Accounting Association, representing the voices and interests of accounting service providers operating in Australia.
  • Rich experience in a large group listed on ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) before joining Guests Accounting as a member, Ms.Ha has extensive practical knowledge and expertise in many fields: accounting, auditing, taxation, business advisory, and business operation.
  • Regularly teaching at major Universities in Australia such as Monash University, Latrobe University.
  • Consultation for various charities and non-profit organizations established in Australia.
  • Bachelor of Economics and Finance at RMIT University (Melbourne).
  • Master of Business Administration – Monash University, Australia.
  • Master of Law (Taxation) – the University of Melbourne, member of CPA Australia and CA (Chartered Accountants).


ASIF (Australia Social Impact Foundation) is a charity organization in Australia and Vietnam. With the desire to connect and cooperate with social organizations to contribute to creating a sustainable and professional philanthropic ecosystem. In order to do that, ASIF focuses on three main activities:

1- Grantmaking:

  • Programs, activities, organization of healthcare, and assistance for stabilization by creating job opportunities; organizations in the network. 
  • Initiatives to expand the scope or expertise to help the disadvantaged to achieve self-reliance. 
  • Development initiatives in welfare care activities. 
  • Development initiatives for increased access to education and healthcare. 
  • Effective and sustainable vocational programs.
  • Programs/ initiatives that increase job opportunities and income-generating for the disadvantaged.

2- Monitoring and evaluating grants and capacity building:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of funded projects. 
  • Consulting organizations in the implementation of granted projects.
  • Surveying the needs, supporting, and monitoring capacity development of the network organizations through monitoring programs and projects to the community.

3- Advising, connecting, enhancing partnerships, and community resources:

  • Creating the environment for participation, cooperation amongst organizations, partners to help the community develop sustainably.


Social Impact of ASIF in 2020

ASIF aims for a philanthropic ecosystem in Vietnam where vulnerable people maximize their potential and have a better life. Therefore, current projects mainly help the elderly, women, and children, people suffering from critical diseases. By the end of 2020, ASIF has made a positive impact on the community through improving quality of life, supporting education, and providing medical services for HIV/AIDS patients through four projects:

Gieng Sach Trao Buon

Friends For Street Children (FFSC)

Mai Tam

Mai Tam Family

Although 2020 is a difficult year, ASIF hopes to spread positive energy, contribute to the impact on the philanthropic community in Vietnam by helping thousands of beneficiaries.

See more about our projects here:

Orientation in 2021 

In the near future, ASIF will expand projects on capacity building for NPOs, expand, and help more vulnerable groups by organizing specialized courses, new projects on the environment, education, health care.

Contributing to the philanthropy community in Vietnam is increasingly active and creating many positive impacts to bring more good values to life.