“The school is more than 10km from their home, whenever it rains and winds, the travel is extremely inconvenient and they cannot go to school…so if there is no boarding house, the drop-out rate is very high.” It is the words and concerns of Mr. Nguyen Van Thuy – Principal of Dak JoTa School.

The path from home to school is more than a dozen kilometers long, so the hostel is the only solution for the children to stay in school and continue their studies. But the fact is that there is not enough accommodation for the children, nor does the family have the conditions to rent accommodation for them to stay.

Understanding the importance of boarding houses, many schools in the Central Highlands, including Dak JoTa Primary and Secondary School in Gia Lai province, are seeking support from the community to build boarding houses for students. The school has found some support for 24 middle school pupils, but 78 primary school pupils are still waiting for housing.

In order to prevent this problem, ASIF and “The Power of 2000A little change every day, A million participants, A thousand new schools” carry out the boarding house project in Dak Jota commune, MangYang district to support 78 primary pupils.

ASIF will continue to update the situation of the Boarding House project on our fanpage and website. Together, we will give you the opportunity to move further forward.

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