On April 11th, 5,000 specialized water baskets were handed over to the ethnic minorities in Kon Tum province by the Australasia Social Impact Foundation (ASIF).

Access to clean water for the E De people, Se Dang people & many other ethnic groups is an everyday problem but, their struggles are magnified during dry seasons. They would often have to travel even further due to the lack of options, walking several kilometers away from home to collect water. The task of sourcing water is mostly done by women in these communities with more than 70% of members collecting water for their families being women. These women often will have to multitask by carrying a baby, and babysit the children accompanying their mothers. To their demise, the traditional method of transporting clean water back is ineffective, limiting their capacity to 5 liters of water each time, stored in dirty, unhygienic plastic bottles.

In response, ASIF initiated the project to provide for more effective water baskets. The result is a sturdy and comfortable innovation that holds up to 20 liters of water with a wide opening, designed for ease of use. Additionally, it also incorporated convenient straps to support the bearer on their long walk back.

At only 150,000 VND (AUD $8.39) each, the water baskets have reduced a significant burden for the Central Highlands people in transporting clean water.


The ASIF team has directly handed over the tanks to ethnic communities at 5 locations:

  • Dak Ro Ong commune
  • Dak To Kan commune (Tu Mo Rong district)
  • Ngoc Tu commune
  • Dak Ro Nga commune (Dak To district)
  • Kon Tum Cathedral Church (City of Kon Tum).


On behalf of the stakeholders, ASIF would like to sincerely thank the two Gold Sponsors of this program, Duy Tan Plastic Company and the YBA Executive Board Club of the Ages, for their donations of 1,000 tanks and 800 tanks, respectively. We are also grateful for the contributions from other benefactors who have contributed up to 500 in support of the project. Every contribution towards this project has made great impact and is appreciated. For the full list of sponsors, please visit the link below at:


The donations of these water backpacks have opened a new page in the daily life of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. With the project “Gùi nước về làng”, ASIF aims to hand over 50,000 water bags, improve health and wellness issues to 300,000 people in Gia Lai and Kon Tum.


For every basket donated, ASIF will contribute one more bag; the beneficiaries will receive two in sum.


Right now, you can donate to your fellow citizens by transferring via:



Account Number: 062-166-1047-6236 (AUD)



Please add this reference to your donation: [Your name] + Gui.

In Viet Nam:


Account number: 1016541018 (VND)

Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – VCB, branch of Kontum

Please add this reference to your donation: [Your name] + Gui.

We hope to receive your companionship!


Find out more about the project:

Project website: https://guinuocvelang.org/

Email: [email protected]

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Everyone lining up and signed for confirmation before receiving the tanks.

People wait for the donation event to start.

Ms Nguyen Thi Ven – President of the Kon Tum Red Cross Association and representatives of Duy Tan Plastic Company – has donated 1000 baskets to the people of Kon Tum.

The village youths volunteered to distribute the baskets to the people and they also took the initiative to clean up afterwards, maintaining great condition of these locations.


ASIF is a non-profit organization established with a vision towards a sustainable, professional philanthropy ecosystem.