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Why does ASIF want to support other organizations?

ASIF wishes to build a philanthropic community in Vietnam that brings good values ​​to people and society.

Why choose to contribute to the ASIF Foundation?

Since the information is transparent and publicized on the ASIF website and fanpage.  Sponsors can track project information, and update the progress of the project.

In addition, the raised money will be transferred to the direct account of the project, not through an intermediary ASIF. Donors can verify directly with the project through the contact information provided by ASIF.

How long is the sponsor application receiving and processing?

The process of receiving a regular funding application will take 5 days.

What kind of field organization does ASIF sponsor?

ASIF’s policy supports non-profit organizations in many fields such as medical, health care, and education.

Besides, for close and effective cooperation, ASIF has made the requirements in the “Application Requirements” section on the NPO website.

Does my organization meet ASIF’s conditions?

If your organization’s audience is in line with the goals of the ASIF.

ASIF’s goal is to build a philanthropic ecosystem in Vietnam where disadvantaged people can create value on their own.

Besides financial support, what else can ASIF do?

Besides financial support, ASIF also supports non-profit organizations to improve their management capacity in accounting, software, administration, …

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